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Being an Entrepreneur Can Be Lonely

It’s hard to know where to turn for support, resources and a true connection that will help you build your business and a life you love.

Dan Miller's 48 Days Eagles community helps driven, smart, creative individuals like you who are willing to take action to break free from monotony, find your true purpose, and create not only work, but a full life you thrive in.

We believe your life is a story where you get to write the ending. You get to decide if the main character is a victim of circumstances, unable to rise above the oppressive forces of his or her upbringing, current family expectations, and the limitations allowed by the government and the company.

But you also get to write the ending where the main character designs a life complete with work that matters, has money far beyond personal needs, builds relationships that nurture the soul, and leaves a legacy for the rest of history. While it may not be finding a white horse and riding off into the sunset, it’s actually better. You get to choose.

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